Tuesday, April 10, 2012

That Last Marathon Mile

It's down to the wire and I feel like I am walking a tightrope. I've had to revise the production schedule--the beauty of being the boss lady--and the new publication date is just about staring me in the face. Formatting for upload into Smashwords and Creatspace is the last major hurdle with just a few final edits to complete before that process begins. I'm vacillating between paying someone to do the formatting and doing it myself. How hard can it be, right?
I went through the same thing with the cover although I had much, much less faith in my ability on that front. I'm really glad I decided to go with a professional illustrator. I used www.Damonza.com. Damon wasn't the cheapest but he was responsive, fast and came up with a great illustration based on my synopsis and a few random notes including a description of one of the main characters. I'll use him again for books II and III.
Speaking of which, my mind is already churning on book II. I can't wait to get to it, although part of that is just my wanting to sink back into that strictly creative space that I love. It's so comfy there!
As for marketing--did anyone hear that echo? I know I should be doing more, but frankly my mind is not churning on that front. Besides, how many more ways can I say "Soon come."
Alright, back to the task at hand. I just wanted to share my last minute jitters which I'm sure were experienced by all those who have gone before me.

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