The Whirlwomen Trilogy

Flung: Book I of the Whirlwomen Trilogy

by L. Malaika Cooper 

Yasmina, Vaisha, Laila and Rhutnya are the daughters of a powerful ruler of the 3rd Millennium Eblan Empire. They are also the direct descendants of a mystical primordial Goddess, a lineage which gives them supernatural abilities including the ability to time travel. When their father becomes plagued by a recurring dream and seeks the counsel of a dark warlock, the sisters are condemned to death for practicing mystical arts. Their only chance of survival is to flee to another time and place far away from the world they know. In Book I, Rhutnya (Ra), the youngest and most powerful of the sisters, lands in Seattle and meets Duffle, a street surfer and Katrina survivor who recognizes a time traveler when he sees one. Though he’s sworn to a solo life after losing everyone he loved, Duffle is lured by the magical intrigue that surrounds Ra and vows to help her find her sisters. They embark on a road trip down the Pacific Coast to meet with Dr. Danika Nzinga-Weiss, a Stanford professor and noted archeologist who Duffle thinks might be able to help. Along the way, they discover that Ra’s shape-shifting sister Yasmina is high in the Cascades with a Hollywood couple forced into exile after double-crossing billionaire and Artist of Darkness Queen Nomi Seerge. Yasmina becomes a pawn in the couple’s attempt to regain their A-list lifestyle. Rescuing Yasmina takes Ra and Duffle, with the help of Weiss, her former TA, and Duffle’s peculiar friend Erin Fey, to tunnels deep within the cliffs of Mendocino where Ra must push the boundaries of her abilities to save her sister. 

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Flicker: Book II of the Whirlwomen Trilogy

By L. Malaika Cooper 

Megan Forrester has seen Spirits all her life. So she isn’t at all surprised to discover Laila, a strange girl from a distant time and place with supernatural powers hiding in her bedroom. Megan sees the discovery as a sign that it’s time for her to find the truth about the circumstances that separated her from her own mother—who everyone has been telling her is dead. And since Laila is on a quest of her own to find her three sisters but hasn’t a clue how the world she’s in works, Megan runs away with her under the guise of helping her. Meanwhile, Ra, Duffle and Yasmina join Catori and Man on Fire on the reservation where they get their first clue as to the whereabouts of the other sisters. A cross-country journey ensues and it soon becomes clear that Laila is in the company of a mentally unstable girl who could be the catalyst for the resurrection of Nomi, the Mistress of Darkness who not only wants the sisters’ blood, but bloody vengeance.

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