Monday, August 13, 2012

Let the Write One In

"Let the Right One In" is one of my favorite foreign films. It's a 2008 Swedish film (an American remake came out shortly thereafter) about a young vampiress who befriends a young boy who is being bullied. The film is about trust and courage as much as it is about bloody, vampire-inflicted deaths and fear. Writing is like that sometimes--an enlighten salvation on one hand; an agonizing thorn of discontent on the other. I think the determining factor is what you decide to let in.
You can let in procrastination. You can let in distraction. You can let in paralysis/writer's block. You can let in sleepiness; or choose to dull the flow--because there is so much other stuff flowing with it--with Spirits. You can let in paying work (which is decidedly good). You can let in naysayers. You can let in the Democrats, the Republicans and CNN. None of those, however, offers much creative satisfaction.
You can, however, let the WRITE one in.
You can let in creativity. You can let in trust. You can let in discipline. You can let in confidence. You can let in whatever it is that gets you cranking out sentences, paragraphs,  chapters.
Letting in all those things that don't allow writing is as agonizing as being mauled by zombies--I imagine--as that's what writer's do when the right one has been let in.