Sunday, January 1, 2012

Success Sticking Like Glitter

I’ve had an amazing year. I finished the first fantasy fiction novel of a trilogy; started my own business and on a more personal note found a more personal connection with my Lord and Savior. Two-thousand twelve is totally unwritten (except for "Flung";-). Everything is upside-down and although there are similarities from the past here and there, the future is new and Golden.

I’m two chapters deep into the rewrite that will go to the editor who I hope will whip "Flung" from the best I can do, to the best it can be. Yes, I’m behind. But I have some funding to come up with to pay said editor so maybe my timing is universally perfect.

I talked to my dear friend and mentor the other day who is bi-coastal chillin’—as I aspire to be—and was reminded that we attract and are attracted to what is available to us. And everything is available to us.

My path is different than anyone else’s. But I know what I want; what it looks like; what if feels like; what it tastes like. It's not entirely up to me, but I can use my God-given "abilities" to create my highest good. Faith will take up the slack.

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