Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last Night

I just spent 20 minutes I intended to spend writing on making a voice memo on my iPhone. The VM was intended to be a custom alarm. However, I couldn't figure out how to make the memo a sound option for my alarm. There's gotta be an app for that, yet another diversionary tactic. I still have a 3Gs, which my youngest niece has the nerve to joan me about, so answering that question would take at least five minutes. That would mean even more time spent doing other than what I'd intended. But this is how it gets towards the end. All sorts of distractions crop up to lure me away from being in the thick of the mano a mano and scared to write the ending that's not going to make everyone happy.
That's why it's a trilogy, I tell myself, you have two more books with which to make everyone happy.
Now I want to Google for statistics that equate high book sales with happy endings. But, look! Here I am putting words together in some writing fashion. And at least my distractions were writing related and I have done SOME writing today.
Like a relationship, a good story needs constant love and attention. Ignore it and it will wander. I have to get back to my feisty, sister/mother/archeologist/bullshiter who is smack in the middle of some new kind of madness. But now I've spent so much time writing this meandering blog, that I'm sleepy.
Ironic because the voice memo that started all this says: "Get up and write. You heard me, darling, get up and write. You have a wonderful tale to tell and you're almost at the end of the first bit of it, so get up and write!" My voice is full of the love; the peacefulness; the excitement I feel for my writing and life in general.
There's no app for that.

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